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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Chris slowly undressed until he was down to his briefs. She dared not open her eyes. He got on his knees and began kissing on her feet. His gentle kisses worked their way up to her inner thighs. It became apparently easy for him to spread her legs and make his way to her juicy spot. As his tongue began to explore her insides, she jerked suddenly. His tongue explored the pearl without limits and she wanted to scream. He darted his hot tongue inside and out of her making her finally grab the back of his head. That was when his tongue began to do acrobatic feats inside of her. The glossy shine he left made her clitoris throb in pleasurable fire. She could feel the sweat trickle down her brow in beads. He tried to lift his head for a moment but she made sure he stayed down there a little longer. His tongue went back to work intensifying his oral exploration. Finally after minutes of oral ecstasy she finally felt that he had earned his way upward. When his head reached hers she stuck her tongue in his ear.

“How do I taste to you baby?” Sheree moaned.

“Like a sweet Georgia peach.”

He made his way inside of her and she had to pause. It had been a month since he was inside of her. She had to prepare herself for the shock. The pleasure pain sent a tense sensation through her entire body. Chris lifted her legs up high enough to almost reach the ceiling. He pushed inside of her with long hard strokes while their kisses were just as passionate. Sheree laid her head back on the pillow with her eyes clothes. It was a routine move she would make when she allowed Chris to take over. One thing she knew about Chris was that he knew how to take control when it came down to sex. He was her man, her boo and her addiction.

Chris glanced up after Sheree laid her head back on the pillow. He noticed a figure peaking in the doorway of the bedroom. He figured Kenya had either awakened to use the restroom or was peeping in on the action. He began to put extras on his performance just in case she was willing to join in. Maybe that was what Sheree wanted all along. He glanced one more time but noticed that the figure wasn’t there anymore. Then he heard a whisper.

“I want you to hit it from the back Chris.”

He turned Sheree over on her stomach and lifted up her plump ass before he penetrated. It was always a sore point because he never lasted five minutes when he was hitting it from the back with Sheree. That was always a clear sign that she was ready for him to release. Her body was so voluptuous that he sometimes wanted to savor the moment of touching and kissing on her. But he got into his quick workout with eager speed and performance. Within a few strokes of smacking her cheeks against his pelvis he felt the build-up. When he finally released, he pulled out and seconds later collapsed. Sheree quickly pushed him off of her.

“You have to go Chris. My girl Kenya is in the other room. You can’t be here when she wakes up.” Sheree whispered.

“I thought we was supposed to talk. You can’t give me a little time to recover?” He mumbled with his face on the bed.

“We can talk later but you got to go.”

She practically pushed him out of the bed but he barely caught his footing. She gave him a look suggesting that he was making too much noise. Her lips curled up while she pointed towards the door. He quickly slipped on his pants and shirt then crept out of the door with his shoes in hand. When he reached the living room, Kenya was still lying down but with her back facing him. He took a deep breath while glancing at the silhouette of her body wrapped in a blanket. He shook his head while imagining what he would do with Kenya if given the chance to hit. Walking out the door Chris slowly slid the door closed behind him. He stood in the hallway to slip on his shoes before walking out the door.

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