Essence of a player

Caleb is a well paid, hand- some and intelligent player. Not only does he have things on the ball, he is also considered hand- some by most standards. He is in no rush to settle down and he can have his pick of the litter. He doesn’t stop his player ways until he comes across Tomika. An equally beautiful woman that is just as successful as he. Can he calm his player ways to truly be with the one or will he forever be a player, single and free?


Dr. Pamela Wright is a relationship therapist that uses a new method of mending relationships. She teaches her patients to tell the truth. As they tell their stories you get to read his side of the story, her side of the story and the truth. Can Men and Women truly be honest with each other? It all starts with a conversation.


Julani is a womanizer that was introduced to sex before he was introduced to love. As he learns life lessons through various women he finds that he attracts women based on how he acts. Will he find love or will he be forever lost?