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SD Chinyelu/PaPa Sak

SD Chinyelu is an author of various genres from Romance, Drama, Urban Crime, Nonfiction, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He has written for many years under the pen name PaPa Sak but has also found his home in the various genres listed above. His insight and platform is accessing spiritual power and development through storytelling. You will get acquainted with him in his nonfiction titles as well. He can be found on Facebook as Author SD Chinyelu and Instagram under the same name. He has several books on amazon and he is someone you should watch out for in the world of literature.

PaPa Sak- Head shots - Black Star Photog
PaPa Sak- Head shots - Black Star Photog
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Papa Sak at Venice Beach.jpg

SD Chinyelu
PaPa Sak

The Kingpin of the Inkpen

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