ENS Books Authors

SD Chinyelu

SD Chinyelu is an author of various genres from Romance, Drama, Nonfiction, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He has written for many years under another pen name but has also found his home in the various genres listed above. His insight and platform is accessing spiritual power and development through storytelling. You will get acquainted with him in his nonfiction titles as well. He can be found on www.ensbooks.com, Facebook as Author SD Chinyelu and Instagram under the same name. He has several books on amazon and he is someone you should watch out for in the world of literature.

PaPa Sak

PaPa Sak would eventually sit down to write his first novel, after many years of running from his calling. He experimented with many different genres, and then decided to write about the things that he was most passionate about.  He found that his passions lied in stories that reflected his experiences in love, street life, and struggle.  He began to write the stories of those that have been subjected to violence, poverty, despair, abuse, and unhealthy love.  He wanted his stories to be a beacon light for society to recognize the social ills that plague us.  His first published novel was published in 2005, ‘The Wages of Sin’, a gangster story.  Ever since his first published book he has hit the ground running.  Though his genres may change, he will always stay true to the voice of his community.  He will stay true to the passion, pain, dialect, culture, love, richness, vantage point, and glory of the Black experience through his literature. 


 PaPa Sak is a voice for the streets and the Black community for those that are usually misrepresented and misunderstood.  His goal is to bring humanity to these characters and to bring understanding to other unpopular perspectives. His characters come from people he has known or interacted with at one time or another.  One of his main focuses is to shed spiritual insight on stories that should be told in the Black experience and abroad.  He is also a profound orator and inspirational speaker ranging in spoken word poetry, gang & street lifestyle, male and female relationships, manhood training, spirituality, Hip Hop and history.  He is definitely a literary force in the new Millennium. You can also find him on Facebook as Novelist PaPa Sak, Twitter as PaPaSak71 and www.ensbooks.com