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Sci Fi / Fantasy

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Her father King Dakarai suddenly dies and it is rumored that it may be poison. Her older brother Dumisani was the next in line to be heir to the throne but he dies before his father. Now that the throne is vacant, the rightful heir is a young woman named Niara Dinari. As she ascends to the throne, she finds that there are enemies in many different directions. With the guidance of her master-teacher Chineke Jaha, she learns how to maneuver around the serpents lurking at court. Now that she has been put in a position to rule she must discover who she really is, to be a queen. Will she succumb to all of her foes or will she rise above the evil whispers in her kingdom and become the queen she was meant to become?

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The Warrior, The Traveler, The Legacy

Kokumo’s father is murdered and his tribe is obliterated in one fell swoop.  Gathering her resources, his mother finds a master-teacher to train him shortly after he learned how to walk. Under the tutelage of this master, he and his dear friend Chineke grow into powerful martial artists. After their master passes, Kokumo is captured by the same tribe that killed his father. However, they train him to be an arena fighter. At sixteen Kokumo becomes a champion in a savage blood sport. When he exacts his revenge, he goes on the run and finds himself many miles away. Once he is introduced to a new civilization, he has a ‘love at first sight’ experience with the beautiful Bria Mugabe. Now he is willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love to the one woman that can tame the savage in him.

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Yemaya Warrior Clans:


It is customary for the ‘Promise Princess’ to choose the next Supreme King, so that the Yemaya mermaid people have balance in their leadership. The lovely Azinza has fallen in love with a commoner who is also an outcast. Her beloved, Dado is being hunted for some reason that no one can figure out. Living among the sharks, a natural enemy to the Yemaya people, Dado develops certain survival tactics that push his intuitive and cognitive powers to the fullest extent. Azinza, on the other hand, must find a way to break tradition without causing a full-scale war between the clans. Will their love be enough to take the Yemaya people to the next stage or will everything come crashing down and bringing their people down with it?

Kings of the Cosmos:
Exile of the Lumo Lineage
It is the age of Adeleke and the Weusi Universe is going into chaos. As rebellion and mischief continues, King Omari, The Universal King, has to make sound decisions to save the Zimwi people on every planet. When someone violates the ways of Marga in an open challenge of one-on-one combat chaos erupts. Everyone is either trying to preserve their estate and family name or they are scheming for more power. King Omari must get to the bottom of this new way of thinking and attempt to subvert the new corruption that is spreading throughout the universe.



Genesis Bomani one day has an epiphany. He is in an expensive hotel room with a beautiful woman, a buffet of delicious gourmet food and cocaine on the table. He suddenly realizes that this is not the life for him. When he suddenly quits the NFL, his reputation is tarnished and he becomes a pariah to the news media. However, Genesis comes into the knowledge that he is the direct descendent of a man in the bible known as the King of Righteousness, Melchizidec. With this newfound knowledge comes newfound power and his potential is limitless. But there are those who doesn’t want him to reach his full potential so they fight to keep him trapped in a world of debauchery and chaos. What will he have to do to defeat his biggest adversaries and become the powerful being he was born to be?

AMOK1-The Mighty Menelik new edition - P


Born during an uneasy treaty between two tribes, he is the son of a prince and a princess. As the light shines on his possibilities, he has enemies that want him dead even as an infant. Forced to flee his home and seek refuge with a martial arts master he grows into a powerful young man. Without knowing who is friend or foe, the Mighty child known as Menelik Dinari returns home to claim what is rightfully his. As the conspiracies unfold he has to develop the fortitude to find the inner strength to overcome every obstacle in his path to become the king. Travel with the young man that will carve his own destiny in the annals of time and become the one and only Mighty Menelik, king of the gods.

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