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  • PaPa Sak


Deadbeats are dead to me

Rubbing his beard with annoying tenacity

He knew how to please her in the bed

He didn’t believe in breaking bread

He didn’t believe in being a father, He always reasoned, why bother

Why take responsibility when the woman always can

How well he performed in bed was how he measured the merit of a man

So he was committed to the chase where he laid his head was his place

A rolling stone to the bone he only sought pleasure to be his only home

His only obligation so he constantly hunted for his prey

That’s why I always say

Deadbeats are dead to me

I caught him chasing after Cindy

Tonya, Tasha, Tina and Renee

That’s why I always say

Deadbeats are dead to me

Two were pregnant at the same time he was known as a shark

In fact, they were born only three days apart

So he would quit his job when child support came knocking

Getting paid under the table so his baby mamas wouldn’t know what he was clocking

See he rubbed his beard when he chased after skirts

He didn’t want to be there when it hurts

If pleasure wasn’t the way, he’d go on about his day

That’s why I always say

Deadbeats are dead to me

His children have no direction,

he gave six women an infection

his children got into crime, he never spent any time

he never gave sound advice

When it came to love he was cold as ice

A con man in the lowest form, sex was all he wanted to perform

All he wanted to give, all he wanted to pay

That’s why always say

Deadbeats are dead to me

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