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  • PaPa Sak

Mama Don't Cry


I felt your experience I internalized the pain

I basked in your joy and I quaked at your shame

How could just an embryo cause so much grief?

So much turmoil, so much tears in the wake of disbelief

Some would call me a blessing, others an object of scorn

Between a mother’s love and the world saying I shouldn’t even be born

Mama don’t cry

Because you chose a man that didn’t want to do what was right

Mama don’t cry

Because you’re being persuaded to take away my life

Mama don’t cry

As they enter you into that cold cold room

Urging you to kill your seed with the aid of a vacuum

Demented institution making profit from killing babies

Millions of dollars they made by numbing you to the love you would have gave me

I can feel your emotions, they’ve convinced you, you’re doing something good

Eugenics population control under the guise of Planned Parenthood

Sterilizing your body and you don’t even know it

Moses and the children of Israel all over again

Because Margaret Sanger was a she-devil that plotted our end

But Mama don’t cry

That I can feel them sucking me out of your womb

I can feel you clinching your stomach, crying in that cold cold room

Then throwing me in a dumpster without me saying goodbye

The Christ was born under similar circumstances

But Mama don’t cry

Mama don’t cry

That I share your pain with no immunity

Mama don’t cry

That this is the number one cause of death in the black community

Mama don’t cry

That pro-choice is a tool to trick you into choosing death over life

Mama don’t cry

That this world has caused you so much pain and strife

Mama don’t cry

That you might have killed someone that could have been something great

Just promise me the next time you won’t look at my brother or sister as a mistake

Mama don’t cry

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