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Kokumo’s father is murdered and his tribe is obliterated in one fell swoop.  Gathering her resources, his mother finds a master-teacher to train him shortly after he learned how to walk. Under the tutelage of this master, he and his dear friend Chineke grow into powerful martial artists. After their master passes, Kokumo is captured by the same tribe that killed his father. However, they train him to be an arena fighter. At sixteen Kokumo becomes a champion in a savage blood sport. When he exacts his revenge, he goes on the run and finds himself many miles away. Once he is introduced to a new civilization, he has a ‘love at first sight’ experience with the beautiful Bria Mugabe. Now he is willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love to the one woman that can tame the savage in him.


Kokumo Micere: The Warrior, The Traveler, The Legacy

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