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Rebellion has entered and has become rampant in the Weusi Universe. Thirty percent of the Zimwi people are dissatisfied on seven of the eight planets. The Universal King Omari must investigate the disturbance in the universal law then act accordingly. His investigation will reveal hidden agendas and unchecked ambition, exposing enemies and allies to their true intent.

It is the age of Adeleke and the Weusi Universe is going into chaos. As rebellion and mischief continue, King Omari, The Universal King, has to make sound decisions to save the Zimwi people on every planet.  When someone violates the ways of Marga in an open challenge of one-on-one combat chaos erupts. Everyone is either trying to preserve their Estate and family name or they are scheming for more power. King Omari must get to the bottom of this new way of thinking and attempt to subvert the new corruption that is spreading throughout the universe.


KINGS OF THE COSMOS: Exile of the Lumo Lineage

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