Deadbeats are dead to me Rubbing his beard with annoying tenacity He knew how to please her in the bed He didn’t believe in breaking bread He didn’t believe in being a father, He always reasoned, why bother Why take responsibility when the woman always can How well he performed in bed was how he measured the merit of a man So he was committed to the chase where he laid his head was his place A rolling stone to the bone he only sought pleasure to be his only home His only obligation so he constantly hunted for his prey That’s why I always say Deadbeats are dead to me I caught him chasing after Cindy Tonya, Tasha, Tina and Renee That’s why I always say Deadbeats are dead to me Two were pregnan

The Guest of the Adeyemi Estate

Bahati had slept during his ship ‘The Onyx Spear’s’ travel through hyperspace. He awoke moments before the shuttle was close to the planet’s atmosphere. Through spies, he had tracked King Akachi to the planet of Melanin. He rubbed his eyes as the planet slowly came into focus. It was wise to have Libra space pirates on the payroll. They were always able to track space movement throughout the eight planet solar system. Even if a preserver ship was released from the generalship, they knew how to trace it to the planet. It was a talented skill that Bahati found to be invaluable. He and a thousand other ransom hunters were looking for the wayward king. He had disobeyed a direct order from Lord T