The Sacrifice - Short Story

This is a short story that may eventually become a full length novel. It is about an African warrior whose wife had been kidnapped so he sets out on a mission to bring her back. My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death. This woman means that much to me. My sword was lowered midway at my waist. I could feel the souls emanate around me. Crimson fluid leaked from my weapon as I stood face to face with my final conflict. The enemy of all enemies. The one who was responsible for stealing her away from me. My eyes tightened, my arms were sore and aching from the brutal task I just completed. My tears were hidden in despair the moment I realized she had been removed from my home. He was finall

Establishing Relationships

It seems simple but appears to be difficult nowadays for men and women to establish relationships. We meet each other based upon physical attraction and usually build on that alone. Physical attraction is based upon preference but relationships are established. How relationships are established you might ask? It comes down to the two people involved in this relationship naturally. From an even deeper aspect we must first deal with how the two people perceive one another. If the perception is wrong or tainted, it may decide how they treat one another. I once had an associate that at one particular time I considered a friend. He and I hung around similar circles and shared similar view